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Front Street Cycle – Retro Riser Series

If you're looking for some sweet, hand-made bars for your scoot, look no further than Front Street Cycle. Click this image to go to his blog.



313 Paint • Logo

313 Paint gave me a very specific direction ... Create their logo to resemble the iconic STP mark. I think I got it pretty close.

Chopcult Dice Ad – Horz.

Most of the other entrants in this Chopcult Dice ad design contest are just ripping images off the web ... pretty hilarious stuff though. I wanted to do a more nostalgic race theme with mine.
The winner of this Chopcult contest gets a free year of Dice ... wouldn't mind that. Not sure what this one is all about ... just creating.

Chopcult Dice Ads – For Fun

Chopcult is having a contest so that Dice can get some new ads without having to pay a designer to do them. Normally I wouldn't participate in something like this but I really couldn't help myself. They've been fun to mess around with.

Blood Falcons – Logo

This started out as a sticker design a LONG time ago and ended up falling off my radar. After finally getting my act together I decided to shitcan the original design and in a fury of sudden creativity this design came together ... sometimes it just works that way. Click the image and check his blog.

Backstreet Buckets – Sticker, T’s, Banner


I caught the Backstreet Buckets blog via Biltwell's daily feed and saw right away this guy knew what was up, so I approached him about doing some work. We got some terms figured out and I came up with several t-shirt design ... this one evolved into a sticker and shop banner which is a good example of how solid design can start to form a brand identity.


Cleveland CycleWerks – Falcon T

So there's this dude named Shawn and he runs a business called Imperial House, mostly doing killer artwork on 3/4 motorcycle helmets. What most people don't get to see are his skills working in other mediums ... including this pen and ink drawing he laid down ... incredible work. In this case I art directed then took his finished drawing, converted to vector, and paired it with a type treatment that complemented the lines of the drawing. Turned out killer ... I hope I get one of these shirts!

Cleveland CycleWerks – Bike Badges

What started as a request for some cool t-shirts evolved into a series of product-specific identifiers. Each of these badges share a common aesthetic in an effort to expand CCW's brand identity. So instead of just a tshirt design CCW received artwork that can be used on ads, websites, and even on the bikes themselves.

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